In this episode, Phil Goffin, CEO and co-founder of ZILO™, shares his journey from early computing enthusiast to innovating in the fin-tech space, currently through leading a pioneering software company, ZILO.

ZILO, founded in 2020, aims to revolutionise the asset and wealth management industry with innovative software solutions. Phil explains the company's mission to modernise systems managing over $60 trillion in assets, which were previously based on outdated pre-internet technology. They're on a mission to be a global software giant.

ZILO has a strong focus on artificial intelligence, with 20% of their engineers dedicated to AI development; Phil discusses the challenges of AI adoption in the finance sector, AI's developments and how we protect and evolve the talent in the tech market, and how ZILO have a 1/1000 success rate in joining their world class teams.

Having secured £25 million in funding earlier this year (totalling circa £50 million of funding), Phil also sheds light on the challenges of the fundraising journey and advice for other entrepreneurs.

Phil also reflects on how his ADHD has influenced his creative problem-solving and offers his own experience on how he has been managing this, reframing it as his super-power over a limitation.

Beyond ZILO, Phil has founded multiple successful businesses, including Calastone, which was sold for £350 million.

He shares lessons learned from these ventures, emphasising the importance of passion over just profit and offers final advice for integrating AI into business from the ground up, rather than as an afterthought.

This episode provides a wealth of insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.

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