Join us for a fascinating conversation with tech leader, Alidad Moghaddam, CEO of Blue Light Card, in an episode of tech growth mastery. From Navigating MoneySuperMarkets Acquisition, to scaling Trainline 400%, Alidad shares his remarkable journey and multicultural upbringing to leading a mission-driven organization that supports NHS workers, emergency services, social care, and armed forces personnel, Blue Light Card. Discover his experiences at American Express, Bain & Company, MoneySuperMarket, and Trainline, and how they shaped his approach to growth and innovation in the technology market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alidad’s multicultural background and its influence on his career
  • Transition from American Express to the tech sector during a pivotal time of technological developments (smart phones). 
  • Challenges and learnings from the 2008 financial crisis
  • Key strategies for driving growth and innovation in tech businesses
  • The mission and impact of Blue Light Card on everyday heroes
  • The importance of IQ and EQ in leadership 
  • Insights on building and maintaining company culture in hyper-growth environments
  • The importance of being customer-centric and agile in business
  • Vision for the future at Blue Light Card

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