Ann O'Neill walks us through her brilliant career and how it's lead her to build a UK leading female health product focused on the menopause, Adora Digital Health.

Ann's diverse career started in sales & marketing over in radio. Having previously worked on the UK's biggest ever radio broadcast deals including Live8 with Bob Geldof, and worked with market leading broadcasters such as Viacom, MTV, and Global Media (then Capital Radio) to name a few.

After taking a career break to raise her children, Ann experience first hand how women desperately needed (and continue to need) more support in the workplace when dealing with menopausal symptoms, through perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. She took the matter into her own hands, and made the leap into entrepeneurialism.

Ann has founded a start-up that is an expert-led, AI health and wellbeing platform for menopause, provided by employers in the workplace, and is leading the way in this area of the FemTech sector.

You'll hear more on:

  • How it's possible to get into the AI healthtech sector when not having a healthcare, tech or AI background 😉
  • Fund raising challenges as a female entrepreneur; Ann joins the '2% club', the 2% of female entrepreneurs who successfully secure VC investment
  • Developing a public and private sector product
  • The importance of marketing in a tech-startup
  • Advice for founders

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