In this episode, Ben Whately, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Memrise, shares his journey from experimenting with neural networks to founding an innovative language learning platform.

Memrise is a platform that leverages memory techniques, deep understanding of neuroscience and novel approaches to second language acquisition to make learning a language dramatically easier and faster.

Ben discusses:

  • The challenges of disrupting the Ed-Tech market
  • The role of AI in education, and the growth of Memrise to 80 million users. 
  • The psychological theories driving Memrise.
  • His personal focus on angel investing in sustainability and climate tech startups
  •  Practical advice for founders on navigating the startup ecosystem, understanding customer needs, and staying adaptable.
  • Mental frameworks to adopt for agility in business development and growth (anti-fragile mentalities).
  • How people from non traditional backgrounds can still flourish and have great success in the technology sector.
  • What type of founder Ben looks to invest in.
  • Counteracting innate bias to try to change the investment landscape and build a better technology ecosystem for the future.

And much, much more...

Tune in for insights on education, psychology, technology, and sustainable innovation.

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