Are you making inclusivity & talent retention a priority in 2022?

Understanding how to ensure that your staff feel included, valued and understood on a day to day basis is they key to building an outstanding company culture and nurturing the talent already present within your business. If you nail these fundamentals, hiring challenges should take care of themselves.

If you're looking for further advice on building an inclusive workplace culture, understanding equity and making positive change within your organisation, check out our most recent FREE white paper: Fostering A Racially Inclusive Work Culture for tangible advice and key takeaways from experts within the DEI space. 🙌

Featuring insight and advice from:

April Williams, Founder, Inclusion Coach & Facilitator of Can?Did!
Tio Brome, Principal Delivery Manager at Just Eat
Leke Sholuade, Founder of Black Valley
Kankemwa Ishaku, Software Engineering Tech Lead at Adaptavist
Jessie Auguste, Software Engineer at Cybesafe & member of the Coding Black Females Leadership team