About the event

Burns Sheehan hosted an in-person roundtable, where Engineering Leaders from the likes of Unlikely AI, Deliveroo, SumUp, Iwoca, Flyr & MOO came together and discussed their challenges, and uses of AI in Engineering.

Date & Time: Wednesday 20th March 9am

Location: Burns Sheehan's London city centre office

Refreshments: a breakfast spread with tea, coffee, juices & pastries

This was a personal, discussion-style event, allowing our attendees to expand their networks and bounce ideas off of other seasoned Engineering Leaders in the tech community.

Throughout this year so far, we have had some interesting conversations with our network, yet one particular topic has stood out again and again: the crucial role of AI and how it is evolving the tech landscape. We came together to explore:

💡 Overview of AI and its various uses within Engineering.

💡 Concerns and legal considerations of implementing AI and how to embed AI safely and securely.

💡 Experiences and insights on AI implementations that have added significant value to businesses, moving beyond basic applications to more impactful uses.

🔗 Check out the full summary sheet here {{imageAltText(storage/images/utilising ai as an engineering leader photos for website 21.03.2024.png)}}

A big thank you to the regular crew Jodie O'Rourkegel goldsbyJon ThomasAaron McTavishRich PearcePatricia Haynes and the resident AI expert Robert Heywood who was put on the spot and responded admirably! Also thanks to our newcomers Matt ByeJames Barrett and Richard King for joining us and sharing your insights.

Finally, a massive thank you to Ian Kershaw for moderating the session and ensuring it was very insightful and enjoyable!

If you'd like to hear more and are interested in attending further events, please reach out to our event coordinator and Engineering Leadership Consultant, Simon Evans.

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