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Burns Sheehan hosted an in-person intimate roundtable in October, where Engineering leaders from the likes of Crowdstrike, The Very Group, Kalibrate, WeDo: Digital & MaxContact came together and discussed their challenges and pathways of steering Engineering teams in the current Cloud and AI landscape.

Date & Time: Thursday 5th October 9am

Location: Bonded Warehouse, Manchester City Centre

Refreshments: a breakfast spread with tea, coffee & juices

This was an intimate event, giving our attendees the opportunity to expand their networks and bounce ideas off of other seasoned engineering leaders in the tech community.

Throughout 2023, we have had some really interesting conversations with our network, around the craze that is AI, and how our network is incorporating this into their Engineering teams. We brought together a group of Engineering Leaders together in Manchester to discuss their challenges, opinions and experiences.

 We explored:

  • Streamlining cost-efficiency in Cloud environments.
  • Building lean & agile teams for Cloud operations.
  • Strategies for bridging the Cloud skills gap.
  • Generative AI & its potential integration within software engineering.

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Our key takeaways from the session:

💡 The importance of Learning and Development in Engineering teams and making sure you give your team a platform to improve both technically and culturally/socially.

💡 AI is definitely becoming more and more prominent in tech businesses and there are some real challenges with it especially when it comes to using it in the workplace, however there are some great benefits to it when using it in work and personal life, and potentially even for meetings to help you take away key points!

💡And finally the benefit of Roundtables is giving a chance for likeminded people to get together and network face to face, where they realise there's 10 other people in the room that are going through the same issues so it's not so bad after all!

Special thanks to Nic Eastham at Quantium for moderating - and thanks to the rest of the attendees for their participation and insights: Mujtaba Ghauri & Will Lee at The Very Group, Jessica Wong at CrowdStrike, Chris Beedham at MaxContact, Dave McKerral at Kalibrate, Khaled K.at WeDo: Digital, Ross Tyler at Uinsure and Jac Martin at inCase.

If you'd like to hear more and are interested in attending further events, please reach out to our event lead and Senior Software Engineering Specialist, Corey Higson-Morris.

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