Demand for Product Designers from our customers is higher than ever and this has positively highlighted the impact Product Design can have on business priorities and user needs. It is, therefore, crucial to understand their potential importance within your organisation and be able to discuss their true worth with technical and non-technical leadership executives. Being able to educate your key business stakeholders, who may still see design as a ‘nice to have’, could be the difference when seeking headcount approval and long-term investment in Product Design.

So, why is it that good product design is crucial to building a better business?

🤝🏻 Good design increases customer satisfaction & loyalty

42% of people leave a website due to poor functionality, therefore your website needs to be usable, simple, quick, easy, seamless, and frictionless for your users to navigate and use. When customers have a positive experience with a product or service they are more likely to be satisfied and therefore be a repeat customer. This then leads to customer loyalty which can have a great impact, such as increased revenue and free word-of-mouth marketing. Referrals and recommendations are a great way to expand your customer base!

💰 Good design has good ROI

Good design can reduce development time by up to 55% and can reduce support costs by up to 90%! Having a good UX can save businesses money in the long run by reducing customer support cosst, lowering product returns, and avoiding costly redesigns or reworks. A well-designed user interface can raise your website's conversion rate by up to 200% and a better UX can yield conversion rates by up to 400%. By paying for a highly skilled Product Designer to optimise and design your website or product, you are saving yourself a potential loss of a lot of traffic!

🌠 Good design differentiates your product from competitors

One thing everyone can agree on is that there is a need to have a unique selling point and make your business stand out from the crowd. This is where design comes into play, a well-designed product can set your company apart from its competitors and help to give it an edge on the market!

The impact of a Product Designer will be crucial to the success of any product-based organisation. Not only will they address critical user needs with brilliant user-centred design, but they will also drive innovation, cost savings and a strong brand identity. In a very competitive marketplace, you will successfully build trust and loyalty with your customers.

If you are looking to create successful and sustainable products and wanting to hire a Product Designer, talk to our specialist recruiter, Megan at Burns Sheehan. 

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