Dr Natalie Getreu and the Hertility Team are revolutionising the female health landscape, providing personalised reproductive health solutions tailored to each woman's unique needs, from menstruation to menopause, offering customised testing and services based on individual circumstances through their letterbox home test kits and trailblazing research teams.

Hertility collaborates with companies like Channel Four and Edelman to provide reproductive health benefits for employees, including testing, services, and education, as well as providing the invaluable service direct to consumers.

Australian born Dr Natalie Getreu talks through her personal journey of how she got to developing this product and service, highlighting the importance of supporting women of all ages in the workplace through valuable and impactful modern-day benefits such as Hertility, as well as unpacking the journey for her customers. A business with both a B2B and D2C offering, Natalie unpacks the challenges faced on the development of her businesses from inception to launch, including:

  • Raising capital for a female oriented product in a male dominated investment world
  • The hurdles in developing a medical device 
  • Why tracking female reproductive organs and hormones is just as important as tracking any other aspect of your health 
  • The importance of diversity in your team
  • How to balance holding onto what you love doing as a Founder vs other business demands
  • Work life balance
  • The culture shift in businesses slowly addressing the taboo subject of appropriately supporting women in the workplace 

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