Welcome to our 2023 London Technology Hiring Insights Report. We're excited to share valuable insights and data from the tech community to help inform your hiring and employment decisions. Our report includes information on technology salary benchmarking for London-based and remote roles, market insights from private equity and VC funds, hiring advice, and actionable takeaways from our team of specialists and hiring managers within our network. And we're proud to present our very first CTO Pulse Check Report, offering an in-depth look at the thoughts and feelings of UK CTOs.

Inside you will find:

✔️ Comprehensive technology salary benchmarking data for contract & permanent roles including CTOs and Technical Leadership, as well as Software Engineering, Platform, DevOps & Security, Data & Business Intelligence, and Product & Agile Delivery positions. 

✔️ Extensive data and insights from our technology community on flexible working preferences, the most sought-after employee benefits, and the interview stages most disapproved by candidates.

✔️ Hiring insights from People & Talent leaders who offer valuable advice on building diverse tech teams, optimising hiring processes, and writing job specs that attract the best candidates.

✔️ And the first edition of our CTO Pulse Check Report, offering an inside look into the thoughts and feelings of UK CTOs.

We understand that making informed hiring and employment decisions is essential to any business, and we hope by sharing our knowledge in this Technology Hiring Report we can equip employers and candidates with accurate insights to help make the most informed decisions moving forward.