About the event

This June, we brought together a panel of Product experts from some of the leading Tech For Good start-ups in the UK, including ZOE, Thriva, Greyparrot, Peanut and Ada Health!

Our esteemed panel plunged deep into the challenges associated with building products for the greater good, exploring various topics, including:

  • Shifting mindsets: Discover strategies to create product traction, even when educational barriers or common mindsets pose challenges.

  • Shaping behaviours: Learn how to effectively communicate the benefits of a product to customers, especially when it involves initiating behavioral changes. We will also discuss the incentives required to maintain these changes in the long-term.

  • Healthy friction to commitment vs. healthy friction to value: Understand the significance of fostering a mindset shift in users and educating them on the long-term effects of a product to encourage commitment.

To catch up on all of the advice & insights shared, check out the recording of the panel discussion below:

A massive thanks to our partners Thriva who hosted the event at their fantastic office in Old Street, Shoreditch. 

Guest speakers

Poppy Bensberg

Senior Product Manager at Thriva

Poppy is currently a Senior Product Manager at Thriva Health. She started her career at John Lewis before moving to Conde Nast where she worked on brands such as Vogue, Bon Appetit and Epicurious. She joined Thriva last year and has worked on a number of different products including re-launcing women's health blood testing and building a new membership service called Thriva+. 

Fede Behrens

Senior Product Manager at ZOE

Fede is a product Jack Sparrow, who pirated his way through the mobile gaming seas, single-handedly bootstrapping and selling his ship, then set a new course navigating Navico's C-Map app. Now he's charting unknown waters at ZOE, helping folks swap their sea legs for a healthier lifestyle.

Angèle Lenglemetz

Senior Product Manager at Peanut

Angèle has recently joined Peanut as Senior Product Manager. She has worked at many different companies including the Wise, Streetbees and Accenture and is passionate about Tech for Good and consumer products. She entered product management after doing a web development course at Le Wagon.

Cormac West

Senior Product Manager at Greyparrot

Cormac has been in London for a decade and started working in support teams before moving into a solutions consultancy and finally ending up in product. He has experience in managing health, environmental, privacy, legal, retail, and marketing products in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C contexts. He was previously worked at Babylon Health, Photobox and HighQ. Cormac is passionate about tech for good and a strong believer in digital human rights such as privacy. He thinks that AI has a critical role to play in the next generation of digital problem solving - but that we need to be careful how and where we deploy it.

Lorenzo Espinosa

Head of Product at Ada Health

Lorenzo Espinosa is a Head of Product at Ada Health focused on B2B product propositions. In this role, Lorenzo leads the product innovation and global expansion of Ada Health’s AI-driven digital health solutions across world-leading healthcare providers and life science companies.

Lorenzo's background sits at the intersection of Product Management, Growth and AI. Prior to joining Ada Health, Lorenzo scaled AI startup Chattermill (Top 30 UK Fastest-growing Startups) and launched cutting-edge products on multi-billion dollar platforms for the likes of Amazon and American Express.

Lorenzo holds an MBA from London Business School, an MSc in Industrial Technology from Illinois Institute of Technology and an MSc+BSc in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

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