About the event

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Our first in-person Manchester meetup after a two year hiatus featured 5 brilliant speakers from 3 of the tech unicorns and giants of the North - Matillion, Booking.com & BJSS! 🦄

Read all the highlights & watch the recordings by clicking the link above.

Guest speakers

Viv O'Brien

Front-End Engineer @ Matillion

Viv is a Front End Developer @ Tech Unicorn Matillion Ltd. She is a Computer Science, Education & Design Graduate. As part of Matillion's Platform UI team, she has spent the last 6 months building out the component library and working on Matillions core product METL. She has spent time mentoring over 30+ women for non-profit Code First Girls whose mission is to bridge the gender gap in tech. Research is a passion of hers where she is especially interested in the areas of Inclusive Design and Web Accessibility. 

Filip Banasiak

Senior Front-End Engineer @ Matillion

Filip is a Senior Front-End engineer working in Matillion on the new version of Data Loader. With a background in startups and scaleups, he spent the last few years building multiple products from scratch and modernising existing react codebases. Outside of work he spends entirely too much time gaming, reading fantasy, trying to learn guitar, and being a dog-dad for a miniature poodle called Noodle.

Farhan Idris

Senior Software Engineer @ Booking.com

Farhan is a Senior Software Engineer with over six years of experience at Booking.com Transport Unit. Specialising in Full-Stack JavaScript, he has experience using cutting-edge technologies during his day-to-day job, including Micro Frontends and the AWS ecosystem. He also has vast experience using A/B testing for extensive experimentation across his career. Farhan gets his confidence and inspiration from interacting and working with others through coaching and mobbing for cross-collaboration.

Jessica Wong

Software Engineer @ BJSS

Jess is a Software Engineer, Squad Lead and D&I Champion working at BJSS. She has been involved with full-stack development, encouraging best practices and principles, as well as mentoring other engineers. Jess engages with STEM outreach, recruitment and advocating for a diverse and inclusive working environment. In her spare time, she enjoys bouldering, binge-watching TV and spoiling her husky and malamute.

Jay Nelson

Software Engineer @ BJSS

Jay is a Full-stack engineer working at BJSS. During his time working both in agency and consultancy, Jay has worked on multiple projects in a variety of tech stacks in both Engineering and Technical lead roles. Jay loves to be involved in recruitment programmes for BJSS as well as encouraging engineering principles for the backend and espousing the need for accessibility and reusability in frontend development. He likes to get involved with photography, cooking, & cocktail-making outside of work. As well as his tending to his rather cheeky dog Oscar.