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The tech industry is suffering.

As a remote-first, ever-evolving, male-dominated, redundancy-heavy, overworked workforce – more needs to be done to ensure this industry is supported.

A report from AppDynamics stated that 80% of tech professionals indicated that their jobs have become more complex since the pandemic.

With 89% of tech professionals reported that they feel immense pressure at work and 84% found difficulty switching off from work.

{{imageAltText(storage/images/Navigating mental health practices in tech event may 16th 2024.png)}}We joined forces May 16th, in collaboration with Two Pints Deep and aligning with MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, where we brought together a panel of professionals: Victoria Foley, Bianca Errigo, Rob Johnson, Sarah Hamilton & James Collett to discuss topics such as burnout, poor workplace culture, imposter syndrome & remote working challenges. Check out their profiles below!

A massive thank you to our expert panelists, Rob Johnson, Bianca Errigo, Sarah Hamilton, James Collett Assoc CIPD, and Victoria Foley, for sharing your invaluable insights, personal journeys and advice. To Canva, for hosting us in your very impressive London HQ and to our very own Principal Consultant, Luke Barrow for spearheading the conversations and moderating the evening.

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🔗 Check out the key take aways here!

As advocates for mental health in technology, this event was incredibly significant for us at Burns Sheehan and if you’d like to learn more about the key takeaways from the session or how to participate in one of our upcoming events, please reach out to Luke.

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  • Date: Thursday, 16th May 2024
  • Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Location: Canva's UK HQ - 33 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB
  • Topics:{{imageAltText(storage/images/Growing Through Adversity Navigating Mental Health Barriers in Tech Topics for event landing page.png.png)}}

Guest speakers

Luke Barrow

Founder at Two Pints Deep

Luke is a Principal Consultant at Burns Sheehan as well as the Founder of Two Pints Deep: a men's mental health community and anonymous messaging platform made for the average man, by the average man.

Two Pints Deep is a men's mental health community and anonymous messaging platform. They aim to lower the male suicide statistics by encouraging conversation and removing the negative stigma around vulnerability in men. Their goals include increasing the accessibility to local and national support groups, providing a network for men to find common ground in their struggles and leading the charge in championing the journeys of 'the average lad'.

Alongside his time as a Founder and avid marathon runner, Luke is also a Principal Consultant in our Software Engineering Team in London, specialising in Open Source software and functional programming.



Bianca Errigo

Co-Founder at HumanOS

Bianca Errigo is a wellness expert and co-founder of health optimisation platform HumanOS. Bianca is a qualified CBT and Mindfulness Practitioner, Level 3 Life-coach, Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer and originally graduated with a BSc in Psychology. She combines over 10'000 hours of 1:2:1 coaching, her education, her own personal journey of grief and burnout during her time in the corporate world of technology services, to now craft and deliver cutting-edge employee wellbeing and performance services.

Bianca specialises in Stress Management, Personal Development, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, High Performance, Burnout Prevention and Health Optimisation. Her passion for fostering healthier workplaces extends beyond her role at HumanOS.

Sarah Hamilton

Senior Engineer & AWS Community Builder

Sarah Hamilton's journey in tech began after graduating with a Physics degree from Durham University in November 2019. Starting as a web development consultant, she contributed to the digital goals of many start-ups and larger companies, including gaming and video conferencing platforms. As the pandemic forced remote work, she navigated challenges like impostor syndrome, given her non-traditional background in Physics.

Sarah is an active contributor to the tech community, often sharing her expertise at conferences on topics relevant to her field. Behind the scenes, she confronts personal challenges such as confidence issues and navigating the dynamics of being a Northern woman in the male-dominated tech scene. 

Currently, Sarah holds the role of Senior Engineer, contributing to a large e-commerce website with millions of daily visitors, where she utilises cloud technology to drive digital innovation.

Rob Johnson

Chief Technology Officer at Judge.me

Rob Johnson brings nearly three decades of experience in the technology sector, spanning various disciplines and industries. Starting as an engineer, he transitioned into leadership to help businesses scale and, over the past decade, has successfully built, developed and grown engineering functions in both eCommerce and SaaS businesses.

Before joining Judge.me as CTO earlier this year, Rob spent 2 years working for workplace wellbeing platform Unmind, which has given him additional perspective into mental wellbeing from both a personal and professional point of view.

Rob lives in Kent and spent much of his career there while his children were younger, before switching to work in London a few years ago.

James Collett

Head of People at Venatus

James Collett Assoc CIPD, Head of People at Venatus will be joining us to share his insights and first-hand experience leading and supporting his team's mental wellbeing. James has over 10 years of multiple sector, global experience, working across FTSE100 and Private Equity backed companies.

He will be discussing the importance of businesses providing support and openness to those dealing with mental health issues, his own experience of imposter syndrome leading to anxiety & the difficulty of work-life balance in an increasingly remote first world.

Victoria Foley

VP People & Talent @ Beauty Pie

Victoria Foley is VP People & Talent at Beauty PieA tech-enabled beauty subscription business which aims to blow the mainstream beauty industry wide open by giving millions of members access to shop direct from the world's best labs for less.  

Victoria joined Beauty Pie in its initial start-up phase and has been with the business through its two funding rounds and accelerated growth to date

As a People leader with over 20 years of experience in helping businesses think about how they get the best out of their teams, Victoria understands that employee performance is about holistic strategies to support individuals in all aspects of their well-being and personal growth. 

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