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Burns Sheehan hosted an intimate roundtable for our People & Talent community to come together and discuss the first steps and core elements of building a winning talent strategy and stand-out employee value proposition (EVP). 

The conversation dug into which metrics to measure to share with execs, moving away from time to fill and focusing on the quality of hire, time to efficiency to focus talent teams on the right behaviours, and hiring and retaining quality people. We also explored the different communities and initiatives to help improve diversity in hiring, Tech Returners, SheCanCode, Women in Data, and some of the innovative benefit platforms out there targeting these initiatives - Bubble / Hertility
As well as some debate about the different tools and ATS systems out there to explore - each with its different strengths and pinpoints.
We dived into some of the initial findings from our tech trends survey published in our Market Report. Some *unsurprising * headline findings from the data so far:

💵  Financial benefits are most important to talent at the moment, with a generous pension, inflation-matching salary and bonus taking the top 3 spots for employee bens.
🧑‍💻 41% of respondents currently have a professional mentor or have had one before.

🙏 Complete pay transparency is the #1 stand out in a job spec, reiterating the importance of sharing salaries on specs.

🔗 Check out the summary sheet from the conversation here

If you'd like to hear more and are interested in attending future events, please reach out to our Managing Director, Chris McGowan at chrism@burnssheehan.co.uk.

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