My new life as a Digital Media Recruiter has, so far, been a refreshing and exciting challenge!


My colleagues at Burns Sheehan welcomed me into the team and I felt at home in no time. Professionally, my colleagues at Burns Sheehan inspire me daily with their dedication and expertise in recruitment. Socially, following our end of month meetings, my colleagues at Burns Sheehan encourage me with their expertise and dedication to boosting the economy of our local watering holes!

On a more serious note, the most important people in this industry are our candidates and clients. Burns Sheehan works with an exciting range of clients, from new start-ups to huge global organisations – the real cream of the crop. Understanding the people within these organisations and their requirements enables us, as recruiters to find, engage with and ultimately, place the best individuals into the most suitable positions.

As a people person, my greatest job satisfaction comes from meeting great people who are knowledgeable about their industry, have a clear vision of their future career path, and the correct skill set and attitude to support their vision. The more experienced recruiter will almost instantly recognise a fit between an individual and a company; this is a skill that takes time and experience to develop (I’m still working on it!), but when honed, can lead to the ultimate satisfaction of the client, candidate, and me…the recruiter!


In danger of sounding like a “cheesy” recruiter, I want to address the importance of being passionate about your industry. Working in the Digital Media space, for me, is exciting as it is so relevant to most aspects of life in the modern world. The Digital Media space is growing rapidly and constantly evolving, it is a steep learning curve and a definite challenge, and initially all of the tech talk (to me) was like a foreign language! Life is made much easier now by the availability of information, and taking time out of the day to have a quick read about current affairs is a vital ingredient in keeping my technical knowledge up-to-date.

Making my first placement – I really got a feel for the company that I made my first placement with when my Manager took me to their Head Office to meet the Hiring Manager. Being new to recruitment it was exciting to get out and meet some of the people we work with and it gave me a true insight into their business. It also gave me the confidence to talk in depth about the company to prospective candidates as I had first-hand experience of how great their organisation is, as well as motivating me to find the right person for the available position.


As a new recruit into the world of Digital Media recruitment, a positive outlook has proved to be invaluable and has contributed to my success so far (along with the help of a great manager and the Burns Sheehan workforce).

There is an individual suited to every job, with the correct skills and the right personality; it’s finding that right person that makes us great recruiters!

I’m certain that I will remain positive, passionate and people-focused as a part of Burns Sheehan, whilst honing my skills as a recruiter, expanding my industry knowledge and continuing to have fun!

What do I love about my new job?

Whereas a passion to help and positivity towards people used to seem like secondary considerations in previous jobs - it's at the centre of what I do at Burns Sheehan. People are the priority, industry sector passion is a must, and positivity ultimately leads to success.


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Written by Natalie