By Rowena Soons at Yeeply


Why brands go mobile?

Managing mobile development projects for Yeeply’s UK market I see first-hand the decision process many brands go through when considering ‘going mobile’. Some consider a mobile app to be redundant in their industry or an expensive luxury for which they will see little return. In my experience they could not be more wrong regardless of their sector. If you consider the following statistics it is far easier to visualise the direct correlation between investment in mobile technology and a drive in sales and conversions for your business.

  • There are approximately 6.8 billion mobile users.
  • 95% of smartphone users rely on their phones for local information.
  • 67% of people are more likely to buy something from a mobile-friendly site.


Big ideas, big projects, a sector that changes every day.

As a sector that changes every day people often hold misconceptions about mobile business due to the information they have being out of date. Many companies give reasons such as ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘What I would need is too niche to find an affordable developer’ in fact new development specialities are evolving as I write this so any information given to brands even 6 months ago is likely now redundant.

Take Pokemon Go for example, before games giant Niantic invested 30 million dollars into the Augmented Reality app and it became one of the highest grossing mobile app projects of all time, development teams specialised in Augmented Reality were hard to come by or charged astronomical fees. With people now realising how lucrative Pokemon Go has been, Augmented Reality specialists and technologies have become far more mainstream, making it possible for any business to capitalise on these tech advances easily and affordably. Certainly we at Yeeply have seen an enormous increase in the number of projects pitched to us in the Augmented Reality sector since the release of Pokemon Go. So if a mobile game can disrupt an entire industry and its related parties, it is always worth checking what changes in your sector have happened in the last few weeks that could make connecting with your future clients easier and more successful.

What is can be used for

When we speak about mobile technology for businesses we do not only speak of user facing apps. Of course this is a huge industry in itself but many business owners have never considered that the following could drive up their profits too.

  • A mobile optimised website
  • Location based services to help users find you
  • An in store branded app to help give an edge to customer experience over your competitor
  • An internal management or communications system to help your business run to its maximum potential.

Once you have decided on an idea for your app, getting a reliable quote can be a minefield. Unless you have a circle of specialist developer friends you can ask, how do you decide what is essential and what can be laid to the side? The tool is a great resource for getting a personalised quote in 60 seconds based on industry standard prices.

Iphone6Finding your Development Team

Once you have decided to embark on your mobile project the next hurdle you will encounter is finding a team. Burns Sheehan recruit for Development professionals throughout London and the North West, for businesses of varying sizes, all with technology at their core. Our experienced team have a background in iOs and Android, as well as the with wider development function.  If you are looking for someone to join your development team, email

However, some SME’s do not have the resources to contract full time staff, unless they are directly working in the tech sector to hire an in-house development, back office and mobile marketing team. Outsourcing is often a middle ground, as you can trust a third party to certify your developers and find development professionals outside your own country. This will keep the price of your project down whilst guaranteeing quality development. Yeeply has a network of remote and certified developers worldwide available for contract work in all tech sectors. For a personalized quote for your development project using Yeeply's remote developers, check out our tool

The importance of mobile marketing (SEO, ASO)

Finally in managing mobile projects what I see happen time and time again is brands and businesses building their mobile presence and assuming it will sell itself. Failing to invest at least a small amount of your budget on marketing will ensure that none of you customers see your newest product. Treat it like a new product – you wouldn’t invest in R and D for a new product to then keep it on show in the back office – the same applies for promoting mobile apps and presence. Make sure your SEO is optimised, your website works with all devices and get people talking about your newest development!

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