Last week, we hosted a Tech Talk event in collaboration with Rightmove and Yoti.

The theme of the evening was exploring the different journeys each of our speakers had experienced in embracing Microservices.  

Rightmove Yoti Event

We heard from four speakers, Quirino Zagarese and Laurence Withers from Yoti, along with Harry Winser and George Theofanous from Rightmove.

Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a fantastic evening. If you couldn’t make it, fear not – the presentations are available for download below.

Quirino Zagarese and Laurence Withers, Yoti

Quirino and Laurence
photo by Ashley at Yoti (@mystic_trip)

The Yoti guys talked about how Yoti are embracing microservices to build a digital identity platform and what dilemmas will companies face if they were to do the same.

  • Deployments – one at a time, or a set at a time?
  • To Mock or not to Mock – when it makes sense to use it?
  • Platform layer –How much should you couple your services to the orchestration layer?

Download their PDF Presentation here.

Harry Winser, Rightmove

How Rightmove enable microservices to be deployed independently from one another - different versions and different APIs. Rightmove broke monoliths down in to microservices, meaning much more communication.

Download Harry’s PDF Presentation here. 

Harry Winser Rightmove

George Theofanous, Rightmove

George discussed the process of when Rightmove decided to move their property alerts over to using microservice architecture while using new technologies like Elasticsearch, Kafka, Couchbase. It was a real journey for the business and he talked us through the problem, the solution and the issues they faced while undertaking this task.

Download George's Presentation here.

George Theofanous Rightmovephoto by Ashley at Yoti (@mystic_trip)