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Event Recap: DevOps at Scale

At Burns Sheehan, we collaborate with some of the most influential tech-led businesses in the country and this month we’ve had the amazing opportunity to host a DevOps event with Space Ape GamesWavefront and Hive


DevOps at Scale


Devops is by no means a new concept, and organisations of all different sizes are now seeing the benefits of breaking down the silos that inhibit teams from building great things. Alongside this cultural shift, we’ve seen a growth in tools and techniques, driven by changes in the underlying technology that are unlocking even more potential from Devops and their teams.


DevOps at Scale


One of the interesting new features of this landscape is that teams operating at great scale are using many of the same tools and techniques as the smallest startups. The new technological landscape has allowed anyone to make use of the technology that was previously the domain of only the very best resourced organisations.


Space Ape Games DevOps Event


The evening explored topics focussing on the adoption of DevOps at scale, hearing from businesses and individuals who have successfully driven these new DevOps approaches. Steve Lowe spoke from Betfair, telling the story of their shift to DevOps and how pushing for attitudinal change drives effective DevOps implementation. From Hive, Sam Pointer talked about how they’ve used a telemetry-first approach to break apart a monolithic application and implement infrastructure transformation at scale. Finally, Louis McCormack of Space Ape Games looked at the challenges of monitoring everything, when “everything" keeps changing.


DevOps Event Space Ape Games


This event was a great opportunity to meet peers and learn; for engineers and leaders working in the DevOps space, including Technical Architects, Backend Developers, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), Cloud Engineers and CTOs. If you’ve got any questions regarding the event, feel free to get in touch with Becki Todd, Marketing Manager at Burns Sheehan.


Stay tuned for the event video along with the audio and slides from each of our speakers. We're working on getting this published as soon as possible. Want to collaborate with us on an event? Give Becki a call on 0203 206 1921. 

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