We recently organised an event on “Building Success” where we were joined by some high profile individuals from both the business world and the world of sport. It was amazing that even though each person had gone through a totally different journey within their chosen careers, they all looked for common traits when looking to grow, being a part of and leading successful teams:

When growing a team:

  1. Always understand what you are hiring/recruiting for
  2. Have a clear objective of where you want to get to
  3. Hire on 3 things:
    • Passion – Have passion enough to never stop knocking down doors
    • Intellect – Smart enough to know what the right thing is
    • Curiosity – Driven enough to always want to make things better
  4. Make decisions quickly – get right people on the team bus quickly & wrong people off quickly
  5. Hire/Recruit people who are better than you & have confidence in doing this
  6. Self-motivation is key – if someone needs motivating they are not right

Being part of a team:

  1. If you get the right people, the environment will create itself
  2. Culture has to be demonstrated – it’s not that easy to “create”
  3. Do 100 things 1% better – aggregation of small things
  4. Being in a great team means constantly challenging yourself and your teammates

Leading a Team:

  1. A great team starts with the right leader – who is driven & has belief & humility
  2. Create a team that wants to fight for each other
  3. Create memories of your journey – lots of team activities
  4. Core values – honesty, discipline, work rate, humility
  5. If something is wrong, ask “what do we have & what can we turn it into?” so that work is not wasted
  6. Give people the belief that they can do it
  7. Get a group of people you can truly trust
  8. Regularly audit yourself – are you giving the best to your people
  9. Always “TCUP” – think correctly under pressure

I walked away from that night feeling truly inspired, no wonder they have reached the top in their respective fields!!

Have a look at what they had to say.


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