Written by Michael Snow, our resident data expert - see the original article here.

At the end of 2014 it was expected by many that 2015 would see two thing happens:

1) It would be the year that companies would be moving their Big Data PoC's into the production phase; and

2) It was expected that a lot more companies would be entering into the unknown and building their own platforms, by either hiring their first Data Scientist or by building an entire Data Science team.

big data

From my own personal experiences of the year Data Science seems to have seen a massive growth. I have seen a lot of companies make their first hire(s) in the Data Science space, yet I have not seen anywhere near the activity expected within Big Data. Although the Big Data market has grown massively this year, it just doesn't seem to have happened as fast or as quick as everyone expected. A Data Scientist told me that he thinks this is because a lot of companies are still testing or playing with their proof of concepts and are not ready to move into production yet. 

As for companies building their own platforms, it seems that most are currently happy to bring in a consultant to build it for them or they have opted for a cloud based solution while they still figure out what they want to do.

So my question then is will 2016 be the year that Big Data goes from Proof of Concept into production, or will this be the question we have every year, never actually reaching an answer?

As always I'm eager to hear your opinions!

Thanks Michael! 

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