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Megan Edwards


Systems Software Engineer

London, UK

£60,000 - £100,000 per annum






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Megan Edwards


0203 206 1944

Do you share the belief that everyone can and should automate? We have partnered with a rapidly expanding and established start up that are on a mission to eliminate not just time loss but the inefficiencies of rigid individual-point or IT first solutions by giving every individual their business data and a tool to freely hack and strategize.

Company Spiel:

Put simply, through a simple, visual work-flow builder users can connect all of the independent software services without writing a single line of code.

They have created a product with the power & flexibility of a bodybuilding yoga instructor through a distributed, multi-threaded system combining modern, functional, reactive and asynchronous programming techniques, that's capable of processing billions of unique events.

Customers include GitHub, IMB, Reddit to small start-ups

Random Tech Spiel:

Software changes year on year, Meanwhile the evolution of cloud infrastructure has significantly broadened the focus of software developers. As a result, business software has evolved to become infinitely scalable, auto-updating and most importantly specialised. Gone are the days of monolithic software services that span entire businesses, the modern business technology tack contains 100's of best in breed services that spans departments rather than organisations

The sum of these services is a high-powered productivity engine, the backbone of an organisation is the software it's utilising, and each new service creates an invaluable data silo.

The most valuable assets are trapped in these services, to make use of them engineering resource is needed - the barrier to innovate was too high. This company was started to solve this problem.

Tech Stack: Linux eco-system, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Python, Go, AWS Lambda to Elastic Search clusters.

System Software Engineer:

  • As a DevOps Engineer you will maintain and improve the PaaS that allows customers to run integrations at scale.
  • Build, maintain and improve the infrastructure and monitoring solutions that allows them to eliminate actionable alarms.
  • Take control of production, staging and internal infrastructure and services

You will want to work here if…

  • You agree with everything above!
  • You want to work in a solely Engineering focused environment. There are currently 32c people in their London office - all but 2 are Engineers.
  • You would like unlimited holidays and work from home capabilities (some people are in the office every day, others spend 4 days from home... it's all up to you)

They will want to work with you if…

  • You understand different deployment processes
  • Have experience with IaaS providers (ideally AWS)
  • Experience with infrastructure tools (terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible etc)
  • Clustering and containerisation technology experience (Docker, Kubernetes etc)
  • Knowledge of Linux operating system and its internals

If this excites you and would like further information, please drop me an email at or apply today!

Burns Sheehan Ltd will consider applications based only on skills and ability and will not discriminate on any grounds.