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Jake Wilson


Full Stack JavaScript Engineer

London, UK

£60,000 - £80,000 per annum






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Jake Wilson


0203 206 1912

Burns Sheehan are working in partnership with a scale up that is testing what was thought possible through AI and automation, having a drastic, time saving effect through numerous functions in numerous industries.

The effective application of this software and its yet to be mapped potential is proven by the organic revenue and growth of the company.

We're looking for a full stack Engineer to join this first class engineering team and help bring the true potential of this software in to existence.

Stack: ReactJS/Node.js/AWS Developer

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

What the company is about:

They're opening up the true potential of the spoken word, with the help of technology.

They care about the product and the people that have helped realise it from just an idea but now they want to grow that team and widen the perspective with further talent to help realise the maximum potential, whilst helping with further great ideas in production.

The company is a diverse one, with offices spanning across the globe, with a great mix of people (and dogs). The product brags some of the biggest names in the world as an advocate and user.

What we are looking for:

We want your insight, experience and expertise to help improve and delivery their market-leading product.

The key characteristics you would have:

  • Endlessly curious about new technologies
  • Innovative and adaptive about finding better solutions
  • An advocate of a collaborative environment
  • Keen to contribute to the definition of the product
  • Open to embrace a full-stack, full-cycle, devops culture

You'll work on

  • Ways to improve existing products with new features
  • Help with new ideas and concepts, setting the roadmap and bringing them to life
  • Delivering original story-telling workflows using interactive builds
  • 3rd-party application and platform integrations

You will work with

  • JavaScript (ES5, ES6 some ES7)
  • React, TypeScript and GraphQL (Apollo)
  • Node.js microservices packaged with Docker and deployed on AWS ECS
  • AWS API Gateway / Lambda using the framework
  • Terraform for creating infrastructure-as-code
  • Our monorepo managed and built with lerna and webpack
  • Agile development practices (Scrum, TDD, pair programming, CI/CD)
  • GitLab and Slack for collaboration and communication

If this role sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch or apply directly to the add.


Burns Sheehan Ltd will consider applications based only on skills and ability and will not discriminate on any grounds.