On today’s episode, we have Jason Iliffe, CEO and Co-Founder at CLIQ!

CLIQ is a community & social networking app aimed a connecting like-minded individuals together to join interest-based clubs and events; Connecting communities online and more importantly, offline.
Jason is a tech entrepreneur who started by coding his first marketplace website — an online beauty marketplace for freelance beauty professionals, AMB, was the UK's fastest-growing platform and voted the number one beauty/tech business start-up in 2021. AMB's success led to its acquisition by Revolution Beauty PLC, which lead to the creation of MY REV which was a SaaS/marketplace platform.
The second time founder delves into how he exited his first business, and walks us through a 'start-up 101' of the practical processes he faced and overcome in the process of building a successful tech driven business. Jason reflects on fundraising challenges first time around, alongside navigating difficult conversations on investment with his co-founder and partner Nicola Gunby. Jason highlights the valuable and powerful combination of having a technical and non technical co-foundership, and talks to us about how they’re pursuing the mission of reaching and impacting 1 billion lives for the better.  

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