1. In this episode, we're joined by Joshua Spriggs, Founder and CEO of Enferm, and is a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and personal development. Packed with real-world lessons on leadership, personal growth, cultural adaptability, and the art of building a successful tech-driven business amidst evolving market demands.

    Enferm helps secure nursing shifts for nurses that want more control over where and when they work. They are an NHS and Health board trusted shift provider, revolutionising the way nurses access and assess the work available to their specialisms.

    In this episodes you'll come away with insight into:

    1. Cultural Influence on Leadership: Joshua's multicultural upbringing and exposure to entrepreneurial parents significantly shaped his journey and approach.
    2. Adaptability and Pivot: Enferm's journey from a recruitment agency to a technology-focused company highlights the importance of adaptability in business.
    3. Switching Career Paths is Possible: Joshua's transition from hands-on roles like labouring and construction sites to embracing technology underscores the value of continuous learning and embracing change.
    4. Personal Growth and Self-Care: Emphasizing self-care and personal growth, Joshua speaks on how looking after oneself is crucial for sustained success and well-being.
    5. Building a Team and Culture: Insights into attracting top talent from renowned companies and the challenges of merging different cultures into one cohesive team offers valuable lessons on leadership and team dynamics.

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