In this episode, we chat with Phil Denton, CEO and founder of Evaluate-Ed - a school improvement solution that streamlines self-evaluation and school improvement planning through the software.

Phil made a career transition from being a head teacher to becoming an entrepreneur in the ed-tech start-up world. He shares insights about his journey, including how he got the taste for the ed-tech business world whilst writing a book alongside Tranmere Rovers football manager, Micky Mellon, called ‘The First 100 Days’ - which takes anecdotes from Premier League managers about being successful over your first 100 days and how we can apply this in a role and beyond. 

Phil discusses the challenges he faced and the key learnings he gained along the way in starting a business in the ed-tech field. We also dive into the Evaluate-Ed product and its benefits for schools, as well as the vision for the future of the business.

Topics covered:

  • Career Shifts and Making it Happen for You
  • Book Project InsightsStrategic People Management and Purpose Driven Missions
  • Core Values Driving Business Ventures
  • Vision for Growth
  • Leadership Lessons
  • The Importance of Your Network
  • Entrepreneurial Advice

Tune in for an inspiring conversation about the intersection of education and entrepreneurship.

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