In this session we have Active Profile, an integrated Marketing and PR agency like no other, who also run the well known 'Tech Climbers' initiative, of which Burns Sheehan partner with.

The episode dives into Tech Climbers, the exciting initiative, which supports scaling tech businesses in the Liverpool, Yorkshire regions swell as launching more recently in Manchester. Tech climbers showcase scalable, innovative, product-led technology businesses. As the flagship for tech in the north, tech climbers provide a platform through events and their publicised Tech Climbers list, they’re are on mission to shine a light on the trailblazing businesses within the tech community and raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities within the local regions.

Join Anna Heyes - CEO, of Active profile and Frankie Hutton, who is the client operations and growth manager at Active Profile as well as Project Lead for Tech Climbers. With both of them being PR and marketing experts, we wanted to pick their brains on the advice they give their clients particularly in the start-up space. We think it’s a brilliant episode, we hope you enjoy it!

In this episode, we explore:

  1. Can you give us an intro to yourselves and the story behind Active Profile and what inspired you to launch Tech Climbers?
  2. Why did you choose the Manchester tech scene this year & why are initiatives like these so important?
  3. For future applications - what makes an ideal business for the list and why should someone apply?
  4. Let’s dive into the list, who’s made it onto this years’? (This question will take up a big part of the podcast)
  5. Are there any brands that you are particularly excited about this year, any real ones to watch?
  6. Moving to Active Profile - While prepping for this episode you mentioned brand and demand and the importance of balancing the two in start-ups. Can you tell the listeners what you meant by that?
  7. You’re all about supporting the Northern Tech start-up scene, for those listening what are the key mistakes you see businesses making with their marketing and PR?
  8. What has been the biggest challenge in your career to date?
  9. What one piece of advice would you give to someone looking to launch their own start-up?

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