In this episode, we're excited to welcome Mike Jones, the CTO of loveholidays. loveholidays are not only the fastest growing travel agent in the UK, but also one of the UK's fastest growing businesses in the last five years (2019). They're on a mission to open up the world to everyone. They offer unlimited choice, unmatched ease and unmissable value, and are harnessing tech to be the go to platform in the holiday industry.

Mike talks about his transformative role at the renowned price comparison site Uswitch,  where he helped scale the company significantly - exemplifying his expertise in growing startups. At loveholidays, Mike uses his experience to drive innovation. We talk about the impact of partnering with Google to catapult loveholidays operational reach, improving technology infrastructure, and harnessing AI  to enhance customer service.

Mike talks on resilience, strategy and creating a supportive business culture and shares insights on the challenges of taking loveholidays global. Mike's the man to listen to on what to consider when scaling a business, and he delves into the dynamics of startup growth, technologies role in scaling, and the personal philosophies guiding his successful career to date.

Published 23rd January 2024

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