In this episode we have Sadra Hosseini, the CEO and co-founder of Ryft, payment platform business taking the fintech sector by storm, Helping software businesses become payments businesses by monetising transactions.

Sadra's entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of inspiring, and today we'll dive into how he's transforming the landscape of digital payments. The episode covers:

  •  Funding and Strategy - Ryft raised 2 million in seed funding and received an Innovate UK grant, and are currently raising series A.
  • Hollistic Hiring - Sadra hires based on cultural fit and drive rather than just skills and explains why.
  • Partnerships -  Mentions one of their most proud partners, American Express, and how they developed this partnership.
  • Angel Investing - Sadra personally angel invests in fintech businesses on the UK scene!
  •  Advice for first time founders from a third time founder!

And much, much more.

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