Whereby is a video conferencing tool that incorporates screen sharing, recording, chat, live reactions and integrations with Google Drive, Trello, Miro and YouTube. In this episode, Chris is joined by CTO, Andy Tyra and COO, Jessica Zwaan to discuss Whereby and it's decade long history.

Undoubtedly a successful scale-up, Whereby is currently undergoing a shift back to a 'Start-Up' mindset. Andy & Jess explain not only why, but how they have undergone such a pivot across the business both structurally and from a customer perspective, as well as their experience with change management as business leaders.

Jess and Andy also discuss how Whereby has had to deal with competition & volatility within the video conferencing marketplace as well us giving us plenty of insight and tangible advice from their incredibly interesting and diverse career histories. A fantastic episode that really dives into the technical stuff, not one to miss!