In this episode, Chris is joined by Rob Brockington, CEO of Claro Money, a start-up wealth management platform aiming to create a new generation of investors who are both ethically and financially informed. 

Rob spent 12 years working on the trade floor of banks and climbing the corporate ladder, until 2019, when he decided to take the leap into start-up life. The inception of Claro Money was far from straightforward, as Rob discusses in the episode. But through a strong belief in his idea and the courage to make a series of daring decisions, Rob has built a product that is set to make serious waves in the increasingly crowded FinTech market.

With a 3x increase in downloads of personal finance apps post-pandemic, Rob talked us through the unique strategy Claro took when it came to marketing their product and getting users onto the platform. As well as the challenges that have come along with it.

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