In this podcast episode, guest Charlotte Ashton, shares her insights and advice into the investment landscape and financial industry particularly focusing on strategic finance and private equity. Charlotte has built her expertise as a board advisor, business coach and investor over a 20+ year career in the corporate finance and private equity sectors.

Her business, Implicit, empowers founders of privately owned businesses to gain freedom and successfully crystallise wealth through proactive succession and sale planning, and provides independent, founder-focused education, coaching and peer-to-peer support.

The episode covers:
Founder Focus: Understand the importance of maintaining control as a founder, aligning business strategies with personal goals, and the critical aspects of exit planning.

Common Pitfalls: Discover the typical traps business owners fall into during the sale process and how to navigate negotiations with investors for successful outcomes.

Exit Strategies: Gain knowledge on various exit strategies, their implications, and how to choose the best path for your business.

Choosing Advisors: The significance of selecting the right advisors to support your journey and the benefits of engaging in peer groups for additional support.

and more!

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