In this episode we have two investment managers from Mercia Ventures, Adam Lovell (Series A Investor) and Kiran Mehta (Seed Investor).

Mercia Ventures are Venture capital investment for ambitious businesses. They invest into vibrant early-stage and scale up businesses across the UK.

They talk about their roles and experiences in investing, particularly in the fields of software, deep tech, and life sciences. Adam and Kieran share insights into Mercia Ventures' approach to investment, detailing their focus on seed and Series A stages and what they typically look for in companies at these stages.

They also touch upon the importance of team structures, go-to-market strategies, and the challenges startups face in securing investment. The conversation reveals their advice for entrepreneurs seeking investment, emphasising realism, passion for the problem being solved, and the significance of aligning with the right investors.

This episode provides a comprehensive overview of venture capital investment from the perspective of seasoned investors.

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