Tomorrow’s Journey is an award-winning platform that helps fleet operators launch pay per use mobility businesses in rapid time.

In this episode, Co-Founder and CEO Chris Kirby talks through his jump from the corporate world to founding a start-up and shares his views on the glamorisation of tech entrepreneurship and how it actually compares to his experience as a technical founder. 

Chris shares how he initially built the business in a way that doesn’t rely on VC funding, but why now they are ready to seek investment. And finally, Chris discusses his experience adjusting to the role of a founder and he has had to adapt to not having that ‘boss’ figure above him.

It truly covers all things start-ups: from investment journeys, to team building, to the dark days, and the 'pick me up' pitches. 

Topics covered: 

  • About Chris and the story behind Tomorrow’s Journey
  • Taking the plunge from a corporate job with plenty of experience, to leaping in to the uncertainties of a start-up
  • Demystifying the glamorisation of tech entrepreneurship as a technical founder
  • Building a business in a way that didn’t rely on VC funding, but now doing a round of fundraising. What changed? Why look for investment now?
  • Experience with VC investment
  • Being agile, and coping with being the leader with no boss to turn to
  • How the journey has impacted the team that Tomorrow's Journey has built
  • The biggest challenge in Chris' career to date
  • What one piece of advice would you give to someone looking start their own business or to join a start-up?

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