In this bonus eposide we have George Lineker, Co-Founder of Your Business Number. 

Your Business Number is a service that provides a second accessible mobile number without the hassle of having another phone or sim. It's a 'virtual whatsapp business number', with instant access, cancellable contracts at any time, and is available across the UK and USA.

George Lineker, the son of OBE English sports broadcaster and former professional football player, Gary Lineker, talks to us about his journey in founding his own business and the product market fit for YourBusinessNumber.

This episode covers: 

  1. Your Business Number's Unique Service

  2. Why George Chose Entrepeneurship and Not Football
  3. Challenges and Opportunities in Market Awareness

  4. Learnings from Past Ventures

  5. Why He Doesn't Choose the Football Footsteps of his Father
  6. The Importance of the Right Partnership

A modest account and bonus episode of 20 minutes in conversation-with Goorge Lineker.

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