In this insightful episode of Startup Diaries, we welcome Daniel Yubi, CEO and (co)-founder of Payable - a successful fintech platform that helps businesses manage their financial transactions more efficiently.

Daniel offers a deep dive into his journey, from his diverse career path that led him from being a lawyer in Mexico, to building a huge Youtube following, to becoming a tech entrepreneur in London, to starting his own co-founded business - Payable. Before Daniel founded Payable, he spent 10+ years building platform products for leading fintech brands such as Klarna, Revolut, and Mollie at

Throughout the conversation, Daniel and host Chris McGowan, Managing Director of  the North @ Burns Sheehan discuss:

- The challenges of starting a business
- Landing $6 million in funding
- The importance of cultivating the right team
- How vital it is to be passionate about your work
- Building a successful YouTube Channel
- Advice to entrepeneurs...

Daniel shares intriguing stories and practical advice, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, fintech or those just eager to learn from someone else's hugely successful journey.

Psst.. Listen until the end to find out his 3 top tips for budding entrepreneurs or those looking to scale their business.

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