Featuring our first 'expert topic' episode whereby we invite experts from the sectors we specialise in to share their insights and experiences. In this episode we shine a spotlight on the Cyber Security field, with an expert leadership focus. 

Miguel Clarke, a former FBI agent and a current cybersecurity and GRC evangelist at Armor Defense, a cloud-first cybersecurity company, shares insights from his fascinating career journey, starting from his unexpected entry into the FBI following a casual comment at a party, to his current role in cybersecurity at Armor.

Miguel highlights the shift in the cybersecurity industry towards resilience, emphasizing preparation and response to incidents over mere prevention. He recounts his experiences and challenges faced during his time with the FBI, including the intense process of becoming an agent and handling significant crises like the September 11 attacks and the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

The discussion also covers Miguel's transition to the private sector, where he applies his unique perspective on problem-solving and leadership developed in the FBI. He emphasizes the importance of being proactive and well-informed to combat cybersecurity threats effectively, particularly against sophisticated tactics like business email compromise.

Miguel delves into his journey overcoming public speaking fears, becoming an international keynote speaker, and his approach to leadership and personal development.

He concludes by highlighting key values that small to medium-sized businesses should be focused on to build and retain top-tier teams.

 The episode offers valuable insights into resilience in cybersecurity, the nuances of leadership, and the importance of personal growth and adaptability in one's career… and you won’t want to miss it. 

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