In this episode we have Ben Leonard, a three-time founder/ co-founder and entrepreneur with a journey packed full of success. Ben built up his sports equipment business, Beast Gear to be a 7 figure business and exited the ‘holy grail’ exit of 3 years. He then co-founded Ecom brokers, in the midst of going solo as an e-commerce consultant, and writing his book 'Quit Stalling and Build Your Brand,You Don’t Need an MBA to Crush It in Ecommerce', which offers insights and guidance for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Beat Gear offer a total fitness solution for all of your gyms needs including providing equipment and design.

Ben shares top tier advice on business strategy, how he pushed his multi-million pound mindset, importance of quality in e-commerce, and building your brand and follower network, and more.

Ben also expands on his talk delivered recently when supporting the renowned Steven Bartlett, host and founder of Diary of a CEO podcast.

This episode is for anyone looking for insight into:

rapid business growth and exits, into founding businesses in e-commerce, insights into exiting business, B2B to B2C shifts and developing company brand through your supporters.

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