As featured on the latest 2023 Tech Climbers watch list – Zally® are in the lime light again and kick off our latest series of The Start-Up Diaries!

Dive into the journey of building the ‘password free society’ with Patrick Smith, the Founder and CEO of Zally, a Manchester-based deep tech company with a mission to eliminate passwords.

Zally offers a simple and secure way for e-commerce stores to authenticate visitors, resulting in happier customers, higher conversions, and increased revenue.

Patrick talks about the challenges of building ‘the software platform everyone dreams of’, finding your role in a growing business, disruptive marketing, personal balance, and scaling your business using digital marketing.

  1. Intro to Patrick and Zally
  2. Have you always had an entrepreneurial drive from a young age?
  3. You’ve exited businesses in the past, can you talk us through the experience of exiting a business you’ve built?
  4. After leaving your Digital Agency you then invested a significant amount of money into a research project – what drove this? Was this the start of Zally?
  5. You’re building a B2B & B2C business – can you talk us through what this means?
  6. Culturally you are trying to bring a digital agency feel to a tech business, how are you doing this?
  7. Diversity is key on the agenda to your recent growth phase, how are you approaching this? What are the benefits for you as a business?
  8. You used the phrase that you want to “make Manchester proud”, what do you mean by this and why is Manchester your “home”?
  9. What is the biggest challenge in your career to date?
  10. What is the one bit of advice you would give to someone starting their own business
  11. We know you are starting your own podcast, can you give us some information about this?

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