Join us as Tim Chong, Co-founder and CEO of Yonder, talks through the creation of a revolutionary lifestyle credit card designed for the modern city dweller. Discover how Yonder is breaking barriers by offering credit based on cash flow, not just credit history. Dive into Tim's journey from his tech beginnings to the M-Pesa projects in Kenya, which inspired a credit solution that's breathing new life into a dormant market with rewards that go beyond transactions.

In this episode, you'll hear how Tim tackled the challenges of fundraising during economic downturns and built a powerhouse team that truly represents Yonder's core values. He shares insights on the importance of continuous learning and striking the right balance between celebrating wins, savouring the moment, and continuously striving for excellence.

We cover:

  • The ins and outs of launching a fintech game-changer
  • Cultivating a strong, principled company culture
  • The distinction between a 'kind' not 'nice' company environment
  • Navigating the rollercoaster of startup life
  • The critical impact of attention to detail - the magic, and graft, of the 0.01%
  • How Yonder's mission goes beyond shaking up the market to genuinely seeking to enrich daily life

Tune in to get inspired by a story of innovation, tenacity, and the quest to make a meaningful difference in the fintech world with Yonder.