In this episode, Josh Garnham of Packfleet recounts his journey of building a B-Corp tackling sustainable delivery services from the ground up with his fellow co-founders.

Packfleet was founded in 2021 by a trio of former Monzo employees that include the neobank's former VP of Design Hugo Cornejo, VP of marketing and communications Tristan Thomas and engineering manager Josh Garnham.
From dropping out of the renowned Cambridge university to launching his net-positive logistics firm, Joshua reccounts how his skills and product development approach have been influenced by roles at tech giants Monzo and Apple. 

Together with co-founders, motivated by delivery frustrations, they aim to improve service for all stakeholders, prioritising ethics and sustainability. Targeting expansion beyond London's M25, Packfleet's commitment to B-Corp principles reflects its focus on ethical practices and corporate culture. Joshua stresses the value of small beginnings, collaboration, and shared values in entrepreneurial ventures, underlining Packfleet's dedication to innovative, sustainable logistics and a positive workplace culture. 

Some Key Takeaway's: 

  1. Entrepreneurial Journey and Team Building: Listeners will learn about Josh Garnham's transition from academia to the tech industry, his experiences at Monzo and Apple, and the dynamics of co-founding Packfleet with a strong team ethos.
  2. Tech-Driven Logistics Innovation: The episode delves into how Packfleet leverages technology to revolutionise the logistics and delivery industry, emphasising their unique approach to improving delivery success rates and customer satisfaction.
  3. Sustainability in Business Operations: Insight into Packfleet's commitment to being a B Corp, focusing on sustainable practices, ethical employment, and their vision for environmentally conscious logistics.
  4. Company Culture and Employee Well-being: The discussion highlights the importance of cultivating a positive, empathetic work environment, illustrating how Packfleet prioritizes its team's welfare and fosters a culture of inclusivity and collaboration to the highest levels.
  5. Strategic Growth and Industry Impact: An exploration of Packfleet's business model, growth strategy within and beyond the M25, and their broader vision to influence the e-commerce and logistics sectors positively.
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