In this session, we feature Harry Hubble, Founder of Pally. Pally connects social messaging, planning, and relationship management to help you build stronger relationships, supercharged by AI. 

In this episode, we introduce a remarkable guest, a 25-year-old London-based founder with a unique journey. He skipped the traditional academic route, diving into the professional world at just 14 and establishing their first company at 15 years old.

What's truly exceptional is their mastery of the business language, finance. By 20, he became the world's youngest chartered management accountant, and by 22, they held the prestigious position of Chief Financial Officer in a 200-person company.

Harry is part of Sigma Squared Society, a global community of 900+ of the most ambitious, young entrepreneurs who are on a mission to push boundaries, transcend industries and develop cutting-edge innovations to foster change.

But the journey continues. In the past 18 months, they embarked on a new adventure with Pally, a social product reimagining how we connect. Pally isn't your ordinary messaging app; it's a social operating system that enriches relationships and fosters long-lasting plans. Today, we explore Harry’s inspiring journey, from seizing opportunities to understanding the power of persistence and belief.

He’s on a mission to transform social connection with one another through the power of intuitive tech, which adds value and meaning for it’s user - instead of feeding into the modern ‘scroll culture’. Join us for an incredible episode, as we delve into this extraordinary journey of redefining social connectivity.

Themes covered:
Product Development,  Profitability, Hiring, People and Culture, Advice.

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