In this episode we have Justin Taylor, CTO of the mobile banking solution, Suits Me.

Suits Me is the hassle free alternative to traditional banking. It's a personal account that does exactly what it says on the card. It's built to suit you. Their service has been built around ease of access, and so there's no verified proof of address needed, no photo ID, and no credit checks, and has particular features to support those UK banking scene.

Justin is a highly experienced technologist with a rich background in building and scaling tech teams and infrastructures. With a degree in Computer Science and AI from Aberystwyth University, and since has spent his career moving up the ranks in the tech industry, from Senior Support Engineer to CTO. 

Justin leads the technological vision and strategy. His expertise spans agile development, replatforming, and innovative tech solutions. Justin is also known for his ability to manage tech operations under non-technical founders, ensuring clear communication and effective implementation of business-focused technology solutions.

In this episode, Justin will share insights and learnings from his career journey, discuss the latest tech trends, and offer valuable advice for those looking to scale their tech teams and infrastructures.

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