In this session, we get the low down from Darren Westall, CEO and Co-Founder of Paiger. Paiger helps recruiters build personal brands, identify new business opportunities, attract candidates, and have better conversations.

Paiger was born when co-founders Darren and Rohit Kapoor noticed a shift in the way people prospected, communicated & built their businesses.

Much like the beginnings of any start-up, the business started at home - or more accurately, in Darren's shed! Fast forward to today and Paiger supports businesses in multiple countries, and has won multiple awards.

In this episode, we cover:

The Importance of Technical Skills in Tech Start-UpBusiness Development: Darrens ability to build and adapt the Pager platform himself, responding quickly to customer feedback, was a key factor in the success of his business.

Personal Branding and Utilising LinkedIn for Business Growth: Darren shares how building a strong online presence helped him connect with his target audience and grow his business without relying on traditional sales methods.

The Role of Sales and Product in Business Strategy: Darren's experience shows that understanding the differences between being sales-led and product-led in business; These dynamics are crucial for business expansion and adapting to new markets.

Challenges of Fundraising and Bootstrapping: Darren shares insights from his experience with bootstrapping Pager and later going through Series A funding.

Leadership and Team Management: Darren discusses his journey from a developer to a CTO, and managing a large team at a young age and what helped him develop along the way.

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