In this episode, we're talking to Adam Warburton, Chief Product Officer, and Philippa Peasland from Vypr, the UK's leading product intelligence and performance accelerator. Vypr connects products to consumers by testing elements of product propositions with thousands of consumers via smartphone.

Adam, with 12 years in product management, started at O2 in customer service and led teams at Asda, Walmart, and Travelex before joining Vypr. Pippa, head of product and delivery at Vypr, transitioned from marketing to product management through her experience with the Government Digital Service (GDS).

They discuss their move from established corporations to the startup environment, highlighting the challenges and rewards of agile methodologies and scaling teams. They delve into Vypr's mission to revolutionise product development through consumer insights and behavioural science.

Adam and Pippa reveal how they build high-performance product teams and what they look for in candidates. They offer advice on transitioning from large organisations to startups, emphasising the importance of business sustainability, flexibility, and resilience.


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