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Burns Sheehan will be hosting an in-person intimate roundtable 29th of June, where Engineering leaders will combine their knowledge and experiences and discuss why there is still a lack of women in technology, specifically within leadership roles, as well as explore the practical steps we can take towards encouraging the next generation of female technologists.

Date & Time: Thursday 29th June 9am

Location: Slalom Offices - Floor 15, Bloc, 17 Marble St, Manchester M2 3AW

Refreshments: a breakfast spread with tea, coffee & juices

This will be an intimate event, giving our attendees the opportunity to expand their networks and bounce ideas off of other seasoned engineering leaders in the tech community.

Throughout this year so far, we have had some interesting conversations with our network, yet one particular topic that stood out again and again: the lack of diversity and female representatives amongst Engineering Leaders and Leaders in Tech. To help create tangible and insightful action plans, we have brought together leaders from various tech and engineering-focused backgrounds from the likes of Cinch, YFM, Flutter, Kalibrate & Enterprise to share their thoughts, advice and challenges.


We will be exploring:

💡 How to encourage diversity and inclusivity from grass root levels.

💡 How we can encourage more diversity and inclusivity in our business.

💡 Increasing visibility & access to role models & allies.

💡 Navigating Leadership level as a woman & overcoming common challenges.

We recently ran a similar event in our London offices, organised by our Senior Engineering Consultant Grace Duffy, bringing together leaders of Engineering from the likes of The Financial Times, Unmind, Gousto, Vodafone, Fluro, Healios, CBRE & Cazoo. The discussions revolved around closing the gender gap in Tech Leadership and impactful ways to increase female representation within the industry. To hear more about this, check out Grace's blog post below!


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If you'd like to hear more and are interested in attending further events, please reach out to Principal Consultant, charlotte@burnssheehan.co.uk


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