About the event

Burns Sheehan hosted an in-person intimate roundtable this May, where Engineering leaders from the likes of Pets at Home, Dojo, Clearscore, Hook & Delphi came togegther to discuss their challenges, and experiences in cultivating a Data-driven organisation.


Time: 9am-11am (you can also arrive earlier to network!)

Location: Burns Sheehan's London city centre office

Refreshments: a breakfast spread with tea coffee & juices

This was an intimate breakfast, giving our network the opportunity to discuss with other experienced Data leaders in the tech community, their challenges and ideas when it comes to the importance and power of data.

The target audience for this event was Data Leaders and specifically Data decision makers, from different sized organisations to encourage diverse career backgrounds and opinions.

Some of the more focused thoughts highlighted have been:

💡How can a Data Leader drive cross-functional partnerships within their organisation?

💡How can a Data Leader ensure the importance of data is recognised from day one?

💡What is the power and value of having a Data Leader at C-Level?


If you'd like to hear more and are interested in attending future Data events, please reach out to our Head Of Data & Business Intelligence, nick@burnssheehan.co.uk

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