9 Apr 15 Events

We're Launching a Series of #TechCityWomen Meet-ups!



What could be better than talking over and resolving some of your biggest work-related challenges over a glass of wine? Doing that whilst expanding your network of women who work in technology. 



We take gender equality in the tech industry seriously at Burns Sheehan and we want to do our bit to help.



That's why we've decided to launch a series of #TechCityWomen meet-ups for everyone who wants to talk about the gender imbalance in the tech industry, the particular challenges faced by women in technology, and what we can do about it.






Taking place in the heart of London, our #TechCityWomen meet-up series will allow technology professionals to meet in a relaxed environment to discuss the challenges they face and collectively come up with immediately actionable steps to promote greater equality and diversity in the tech industry.



Each meet-up will feature an esteemed thought leader who will tell their story and speak to a particular challenge faced by women in technology. We will then welcome everyone attending to join in the conversation and share their perspectives, opinions and advice for career advancement and to counter gender discrimination in the tech industry.




Our first #TechCityWomen meet-up is on May 21st! Click here for more information about the event and our speaker. 





Interested in attending our #TechCityWomen Events? Contact Izzy at for more information and to RSVP. 






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