It’s safe to say that most people share the common misconception about Recruitment practically slowing to a halt over the festive season. In actual fact, Christmas is a good a time as any to explore the next steps in your career. Don’t lose momentum during the holidays by putting your job search on hold – Capitalise on that Christmas Spirit!

The number of applications to jobs reduces dramatically over Christmas and New Year, based on the above-mentioned belief that Recruiters and hiring managers are sat with their feet on their desks, gorging on mince pies. Let me assure you that this isn’t true. Stand out from the crowd and take advantage of everyone else’s apathy – by applying during the assumed “quiet” period, you’re more likely than ever to get your CV in front of the decision maker. Admittedly it’s harder to schedule interviews during a time when people are off on annual leave, but you’d be surprised how flexible hiring managers can be for business critical roles.


Businesses often experience a flurry of hiring activity towards the end of the fourth quarter as they feel the pressure to get people on-board for a January start. Additionally, some companies look to add to their headcount with the remainder of the annual budget before the year draws to a close. In this day and age, businesses don’t tend to go in to hibernation in the same way that they did in the past, what with mobile technology and so on.

Christmas is a great opportunity to improve your network. Attending parties and events will help you to share market knowledge and meet new connections in a slightly less formal environment than the typical recruitment setting. Reconnect with old contacts by dropping them a message on social media.

Whilst taking all of this in to consideration, do be sure to actually give yourself a break – re-evaluate your approach, make a plan for the year ahead and take stock of your achievements from 2015.  Eat, drink and be merry!

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