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The Unavoidable Struggles Graduates Face When Finding Their First Job - as told by Gifs

For most, the journey from being an unemployed twenty-something to a first-jobber is typically characterised as dramatic, exhausting and generally horrendous.



We've all been there before, and we want to help. Tweet any questions about your job search to @BurnsSheehan and we'll respond in record time with our advice. 





But for now, we'd like to present an homage to that epic adventure that is the first job search....





You’re at university, living with the best roommate ever, and life is good.



life is good



Suddenly, it dawns on you that this blissful existence won't last forever. And you need to find a job. 






You enter a period of denial...







But then your parents start asking what you're going to do with your life (a lot).







So you drink a lot of coffee... 






... and start writing your CV.



this is good



The coffee kicks in, and now you're writing your applications and cover letters at the speed of light!



writing away



Now all you can do it wait...






You finally hear back from a few companies. They're all rejections. You don't take it so well.




disappointed gif 2




You hate everything about life.




i hate everything gif




You must be the victim of some foul conspiracy. They clearly don't even read your applications!




cvs in bin




But wait, a recruiter just called! And they've got you some interviews!








You thought that going to University would help you with all the pre-interview research, but then you realise you didn't actually do any studying...




study gif




But your recruiter and your friends are right behind you so everything is going to be ok.




good luck gif




You think you had prepared your answers for those tough interview questions, but the guy on the other side of the table doesn't seem so impressed ..




simon cowell









You have other interviews and it's their loss. They weren't the right company for you anyway.





A few weeks later, you walk away from one of your interviews and you just know you nailed it. 




happy dance office




You like them, they like you, and you've made it to the final interview. Life is BEAUTIFUL. Time for an at-home happy dance. 




happy dance gif




The interview was tough, but you did everything you could to win them over.








You're so close to the finish line now...




dog chasing bone gif

You can practically hear the hum of those ugly desktop computers ...




And, by the Power of Zeus, they've made you an offer!!








This is the best gift ever! EVER!!!




surprised baby gift





You've landed your first job!









Now you just have to learn how to wake up in time to make your 9am start....










By Izzy



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