As one of the office newbies, I thought I would take it upon myself to recount the Burns Sheehan Office Christmas Party. 

Here at Burns Sheehan, we like to think out-of-the-box and when we commit to something we go way beyond 100%. 

So whereas some companies may just pull together something fairly straightforward and unoriginal for their Office Christmas Party…

office-christmas-partyWe think: How about starting the party with an Epic London-wide Scavenger Hunt ?hussain boltFrom your first day at Burns Sheehan it’s clear that this event is a seriously big deal. Telling you about the Christmas Party is even part of your induction, and anticipation builds straight away. excitement-gifThen, roughly two weeks before the big day, you deliberate with the other new people on what to wear.huddle-gifFinally, it’s the day before and it’s hard to focus on work because you are so darn excited!excited-waitingThe next day everything feels strangely normal…until it hits 12pm. excited-at-office-gifYou discretely watch your colleague open the secret santa gift you bought for her. She doesn’t seem too impressed.secret-santa-bad-reaction-gifAnd then Baz (aka Jon Sheehan) tells you about your team’s mission. morpheus-gifIt turns out pirates are involved, which put everyone on edge.scared-gifBut it turns out the pirates are more like this.pirates-rum-gifYou run around London, trying to decipher the clues to get to the mysterious locations in time…london-map…and get a lot of prolonged, confused stares from tourists and Londoners alike.confused-stare-gifYou sprint to the final location, thinking you might just be the first to make it! running gifBut another team got there first.disappointed gifAfter carefully checking the scores, they announce the winning team. winning team gifBut it isn’t yours, so clearly they’ve made a mistake with the numbers.eyes-rolling-gifFortunately, there’s no time to squabble because it’s time for food! (And drink)food-gifAnd then you dance. A lot. dance off gifSuddenly, you realize its 2:30am and you have to go to work tomorrow! head-dive-gifYou wake up and wish you hadn’t gone to bed quite so late. Or had that last red bull and vodka.oh-god-gifBut it’s fine, because when you get to the office you realize everyone is in the same boat!relieved-gif

Written by Izzy Griffin-Smith

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